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      Long span rack

      Long span rack

      Luxurious and elegant;Optimizes warehouse space;The layer can be steel plate,wood board or galvanized panel;The height can be adjusted easily by 50mm per a pitch;Easy to assemble without any screw thread connectors 

      S/NL X D X HCapacity per   layerLayer numberSurface  treatmentSize of   upright 
      11200 x 500 x 1800mm 300-500kgs455x47x2.0mm,Pitch=50mm 
      21200 x 600 x 2000mm 300-500kgs5
      31200 x 700 x 2400mm 300-500kgs6
      41500 x 500 x 2000mm 300-500kgs5
      51500 x 600 x 2200mm300-500kgs 6
      61500 x 700 x 2500mm 300-500kgs7

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