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      Heavy shelves are not easily deformed and durable2019-05-23

      Heavy shelf is a simple shelf composed of main frame and auxiliary frame and beam. According to the load-bearing and transportation methods, they can be divided into beam shelf, push shelf and so on.

      Among them, the beam shelf is trusted by many customers because of its economy and durability, and becomes the first choice of storage shelves.

      (1) According to the above information, first of all, according to the size of the pallet, the length of the cross beam required for the shelf, the length of the two pallets plus the gap between the pallet and the pallet, and between the pallet and the shelf column. Our standard is usually

      100, that is 1200 * 2 + 300 = 2700, the calculated 2700 is the size of the shelf;

      (2) Calculate the material needed for the shelf, that is, according to the calculated length of the beam, 120 cladding beams;

      (3) The height of the cargo is 1100. 150 safety distance (safety fork distance) is required between each beam and cargo, i.e. 1250 * 3. The top cargo usually remains 500. Accordingly, the shelf height can be calculated as 1250 *.

      3 + 120 (beam height)* 3 + 500 = 4610. Usually the column has 75 holes, so the column height is 4800 H.

      (4) The depth direction of the pallet is 1000. We usually reduce it by 100 in the design, so that the goods can be placed on the shelf normally.

      For the construction of heavy shelves, it is necessary to see whether the cross section of the bent shelf fence is large and average, and the average symmetrical structure of the shelf is better.

      The cross beam of the frame depends on the hook structure of the beam and the way the beam hangs on the column: the hook of the beam should be better, the greater the force, the better; the hook of the beam hangs on the column to see if the contact between the hook and the column is close.

      Consistently, the inside of the hook should be tightly connected to the side of the column without any clearance, and the structure is constant and durable.

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